We are a creative, after school and holiday computing / technology / computer / code club for children of primary school age.


Coding is one of the latest buzzwords in education and with the stupendous, ever-growing advancements in technology, it is important that we get our younger generation future-ready!

Employment statistics say that there is a constant IT skill shortage in the UK, leaving many technology job vacancies unfilled. On the other hand, researches reveal that by 2020 robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will kill off 5 MILLION jobs. 

To keep pace with the demands of technology, children need a strong knowledge in computer principles and digital fundamentals as opposed to just acquiring superficial ‘software skills’. 

We strongly believe that computer expertise in children is achieved only by empowering and transforming them to becoming 'technology creators' from just being mere 'technology consumers'.

At Vzards, we provide specialist computing and coding lessons. We have a codelicious team with contagious enthusiasm. The clubs that we have run so far have been entirely propelled by the passion and enthusiasm of our little vzards!

Our courses are tailor-made with a curriculum that is exclusively designed and taught by Software Engineers with more than 15 years of professional experience in the software Industry. This makes Vzards unique and unlike other coding clubs.

Established in 2014, Vzards is a child-focused creative computing-coding club that aspires to enable children to get themselves future-ready with great confidence.

When computer programming was added to the National curriculum, we realized that the local primary schools were still training their teachers to be able to deliver this new curriculum to their pupils.


With our strong software expertise and experience, we believe that we could help children much better with our clubs outside of school. An in-depth computing knowledge is required to educate children and that is what exactly we offer.

Because of our technical expertise and experience in the software industry, we know precisely what is expected of young talented programmers. Hence our lessons are meticulously designed to provide a perfect blend of knowledge, fun, understanding, challenges, opportunities to express imagination and creativity to children and prepare them for a technology-driven future.

Our courses cover all aspects of computing and programming from problem identification, decomposing, abstracting data to problem solving, designing, programming and debugging. Check out our courses know more about what we do!



Coding parties


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Coding teaches children to "think". Children don't just learn to code, they code to learn. 


Teaches computational thinking, problem-solving, logical and analytic skills, perseverance and much more.

Coding involves a rich set of cognitive processes and hence expands the functioning of brain.


Enhances creativity and encourages children to become active creators. 


Prepares children for a future driven by technology and robots and increases earning potential drastically.

Helps children perform better in other subjects like Math and Science.

Software is automating the world and robots are taking human jobs.

Coding is useful to children no matter which career path they choose in the future.



I thoroughly enjoyed my coding club every week! I  used to even skip my lunch to get there on time because it was a lot of fun when we code!

Samia, Year 4

We always do something different every week in our coding club. We play games like blindfolded robot walk  or sandwich making robot which is very exciting! I always look forward to my coding club.

Louis, Year 3

I really liked  the beebot, the robot and the osmo games. I loved programming the robot and make them do silly things sometimes :)

Azaan, Year 2



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Monday - Friday  3 PM - 6 PM

Saturday - 10AM - 1 PM



​As Educators, we       inquisitive minds and enjoy answering questions. 

Feel free to shoot any queries that you may have regarding our clubs or courses. We always try our best to respond ASAP !