Here are 7 reasons why you should choose Vzards for your children!

We are parents too!

Founded and run by Parents who are Software Engineers with more than 15 years of professional programming experience in the industry. We know what the industry is looking for in young programmers. More importantly, as parents, we understand the need of the hour for our children!

Quality is Paramount

In this competitive age, the quality of your learning is paramount. It is very important to carefully choose your place of learning and who you learn from!

We sharper our saws constantly

We are a Raspberry-pi Certified Educator. Teaching children strengthens our knowledge everyday. Our love for learning has made us constant learners and hence expert teachers!

Child-led and Learning through play

We strongly endorse child-led learning and learning through play. That is the reason our lessons incorporate a lot of unplugged activities that don't involve gadgets!

Dynamic Progressive Curriculum

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach! Our curriculum is dynamic, innovative and progressive and suits children with varied capabilities and different ages.

Wisdom is different from Knowledge

Our lessons are carefully designed to kindle problem solving skills, logical reasoning, computational thinking, creativity and innovation in children without missing out the FUN.

Safe and Secured Learning Environment

We take children's safety very seriously. We are Enhanced DBS checked and all children's information that we hold here are extremely confidential.

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​As Educators, we       inquisitive minds and enjoy answering questions. 

Feel free to shoot any queries that you may have regarding our clubs or courses. We always try our best to respond ASAP !